There are lots of lab coats available. Why should I get yours?

You can get your lab coat from many different places but all you would get is an ugly white sack. We are the only company that we know of that offers truly stunning and stylish lab coats! And you can choose from several colours... That’s unheard of!

Modadoro’s Kyra lab coat was designed for women, and especially for women who require smaller sizes. Lab coats are generally unisex and if you’re smaller, you’ll find that unisex coats are long and shapeless and the sleeves need to be rolled up a lot.

The Kyra lab coat is designed to fit women and has an adjustable waist (called a cinch) so that you can make it fit you perfectly! Say Bye to old and ugly lab coats!

The majority of lab coats on the market are a blend of polyester and cotton fibers and you’ll find that our 100% cotton coat is more comfortable and safer. If you ever have a lab accident, cotton fabric won’t melt onto your skin like polyester would.


How can I return a Modadoro lab coat?

If your lab coat is defective or if it is the wrong size, please contact us immediately, and we’ll arrange shipment and a replacement or a refund.

Unfortunately, we cannot return your lab coat if the colour isn’t exactly what you expected or if you thought you liked the style but now you don’t. We are a small company and we encourage you to think carefully about your choice. In future, we will have many more styles to choose from.

The colours you see on your screen are an approximation and we can’t guarantee that the shade will be exactly the same on the coat you receive. This is due to the variations in computer screens.

See the Returns section for details about returns and refunds.


I noticed that my lab coat arrived in a 100% recycled mailer. Can you tell me more?

We always feel bad throwing packaging away when we receive products by mail, so we searched for a better solution for our customers.

We send your lab coat to you in a 100% recycled poly mailer from EcoEnclose. The mailer is recyclable but is also designed for you to reuse. After you open it, the mailer has a second adhesive closure strip and is ready to make another trip!

Check out EcoEnclose here: https://www.ecoenclose.com/story