About us

Modadoro was born out of a school project at the University of Toronto, Canada in 2014. All of us three co-founders were doctoral scientist students working in biological labs. A course we took required students to look at areas in the science field that were ripe for innovation. That was the start of our journey.

Often, science and research are perceived to be "geeky". It's not usual that the term "fashion-forward" comes to mind. This is reflected in the most prominent symbol of  science - lab coats.
We want to change the perception of science, and demonstrate it's a career that encourages personality and creativity, starting with upgrading its most conspicuous symbol - lab coats.
Lab coats don’t need to be white, unless you’re planning to bleach them every week. They don’t need to be one-size-fits-all, unless we start cloning and standardizing young aspiring scientists genetically. And they don’t need to be made of a cheap poly-cotton blend either!
Our coats are unique, fun, fit like no other and are always 100% cotton for ultimate comfort and safety. Enjoy!



 Our name

The name Modadoro is derived from Italian. Alex - one of our founders - spent many years in this beautiful Mediterranean country that everybody around the globe knows as a fashion powerhouse. In Italian Adoro la Moda means "I love fashion" - our lab coats are a testament that scientists can also appreciate all things beautiful. Alternatively, Moda D'oro in Italian could be interpreted as “Fashion Gold” in the sense of being top quality or something you’ve only dreamed about. Look at or try on an ordinary white baggy unisex lab coat and if it doesn’t inspire you to get to work in the lab, you’re the kind of scientist Modadoro designs for!  


your fellow lab rats